Greve and its surroundings

Greve and its surroundings

“The doorway to Chianti” is the nickname of the town of Greve in Chiant because of its location, halfway between Siena and Florence, and its centrality in the production area of world’s most famous wine, the Chianti Classico.

Greve in Chianti, just three km from our farmhouse, is a small town where you can still feel the atmosphere of the authentic Tuscan villages, where life develops all around the main square, Piazza Matteotti, which frequently becomes the stage of many events.

It’s nice to stroll around the square and its lodges, full of shops and restaurants, and it’s also worth visiting the town’s museums: the Museum of Sacred Art and the Wine Museum.

The Museum of Sacred Art is located in the ancient Hospice of San Francesco, with the original altar attached to the oratory, characterized by a wonderful group of sculptures in painted terracotta. Among other works, it’s worth seeing the Annunciation from the fourteenth-century Church of Santa Croce, a Madonna and Child between Saints Bartholomew and Francis from the Church of Santa Maria in Cintoia and a Madonna and Child with Saints Anthony and Lucy from the Church of Sezzate.

Greve in Chianti could not avoid having a museum dedicated to his most illustrious “citizen”, the Wine. Inside the museum, a short walk from the central square, you can taste almost 200 different wines, for each of which you can read an explanation os its production and taste. You can also see many old tools for the production of wine and more than 180 types of corkscrews.

A visit to Greve can not be complete without visiting Montefioralle, a small fortified village that sits at the top of the a hill, less than 2 km from the center.
Montefioralle was in an ancient castle of strategic importance, today the structure of its walls is still visible. The narrow cobbled streets overlooked by typical houses with balconies in bloom, and the landscape that opens onto the Chianti makes this village a jewel of rare beauty.